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We provide Psychiatric and Counseling Services for Children and Families, including: Medication management, Psychotherapy and Collaborative Mental Health Care.


Psychiatric evaluation is a complex process. Many children have worked with a wide variety of providers prior to seeing a psychiatrist. Information critical to understanding a particular problem can come from the patient, parents, pediatricians, psychologists, educational specialists, developmental specialists, physical and occupational therapists, teachers, friends, and other resources. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Osborn strives to incorporate the medical, psychological, developmental, and social aspects that influence his patients’ lives PRIOR to arriving at a diagnosis. Sometimes a family chooses to seek evaluation only for consultation, other times more ongoing treatment is indicated.


Psychiatric treatment can likewise be complex, and every person and family is different. Social and behavioral treatments are nearly universal, and some children can be benefited by the use of medications. Psychiatric medications are powerful and effective, and generally well-tolerated, but can carry risks of sometimes serious side-effects. If medications are part of a patient’s treatment, ongoing monitoring and management is crucial.

Collaborative Mental Health

In treating children and families with complex mental health and behavioral problems, Dr. Osborn recognizes that other providers are critical. Cascade Child and Family Psychiatry seeks to be a part of the treatment team; most such teams include the parents, an outside therapist, school resources, and other professionals. The parents are usually the hub of this wheel, but need support in navigating these resources for their children.

Specializing in the Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of:
Mood disorders – depression, bipolar disorder
Anxiety disorders – school and social phobias, PTSD and trauma recovery
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD
Psychotic disorders – schizophrenia, paranoia, thought problems
Autism spectrum disorders
Anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and other eating disorders
Cutting, suicidal behavior
Mental illness associated with substance abuse

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