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Being a kid today is tough, no question. Every day, young people navigate the swirling chaos of family, school, sports, friends, the Internet, their future, their past. Most of the time, their growth and development chugs along expected and healthy lines.

Sometimes, however, they seem tripped up and slowed in their progress. Children and Adolescents may show a pattern of poor school performance, severe worries or anxiety, aggressive or unusually behavior, hyperactivity or inattention, changes in friendships, or persistent sleep problems possible indicating an underlying mental health problem. Teachers, family and friends might notice concerning patterns of behavior, and you might wonder how or where to get help.

Typically you find solutions are at hand, perhaps with advice from family and friends, and just speaking with your child is all it takes.  When typical solutions are not working, and your family’s lives are becoming overwhelmed, this is the time to seek additional help.

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